Sunday, 24 October 2010

A week at Uni

I began the week feeling very nervous about my exam. I was glad to have no lectures on the Monday so I could spend the whole day studying. My husband dropped me off at the library straight after we dropped our eldest off at school and I got straight down to work. The first thing I decided to do was my drugs calculation test; as I wasn't concerned about it, I thought I'd get it out of the way. I was more nervous doing it, than  I expected to be so I made sure to take my time, read every question twice and double checked each answer. Thankfully I passed it first time so I could then forget about it.

Tuesday we had a full day of lectures and meetings which none of us really wanted, as we'd rather have been preparing for the exam. In fact there were quite a few empty chairs. We began the day with a cohort meeting although it was meant to be a skills lecture, we ended up switching the two around. The cohort meeting gave us an opportunity to raise any issues that had come up over placement, problems we'd come up against and also to celebrate our successes. It seems that the difficulties were things that had come up time and time before. There were quite a few girls that had had problems having their books signed off - that their mentors would repeatedly put it off, and then it would be too late. There also seemed to be a huge variation in the marks we'd been given. There is a mark guide and we'd been advised to explain that the mark scheme was based on us as first years and therefore we'd possibly need to push for higher marks if we felt we deserved it. Unfortunately some mentors would mark us as first years assuming the marking criteria would remain the same over the three years and wouldn't listen to any opinion given by the student. It certainly made me realise how lucky I had been with my mentor and how I'd been marked for my placement.

There was also some discussion about the attitude towards students from some of the midwives. It's very obvious those that are happy to work with students and those that aren't. Simply put it is an essential part of their job but like any job I guess, everyone has parts they don't want to do....doesn't make it easy for us as students however. We talked quite a lot about the different ways we had handled it and hopefully it will help us for our future placements.

We then had our skills lecture, personal tutor group meeting and finally a psycho-social lecture. It would have been far better to have had the psycho-social lecture at the beginning of the day as many people left by the end of the day, and I found it hard to concentrate by that point. Once we'd finished for the day I went straight to the library to squeeze in some final study for the exam. I must confess it wasn't very successful as I was very tired by then.

So Wednesday came and the nerves were fluttering. We were due to have a lecture for Values at 9 but I confess I skipped it in favour of some more last minute study. At 12 I made my way over to the room along with some of my colleagues. The exam was two hours long and afterwards there was the typical postmortem. I found it much harder than I'd expected in some parts and other parts were ok. I simply hope I have done enough to pass it!

The next couple of days were far nicer without the exam hanging over us, though we'll all be grateful in about 6 weeks when we get the results. We're already thinking ahead to our next assignment and also our next placement. And we're also beginning to think about our transition time when we can choose what we'd like to do for 3 weeks; well 100 hours. I've got a few ideas and it's a case of deciding which one to go for. Next year I think I would like to go and learn about fertility treatment and then potentially use that experience to follow through with my final dissertation.

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