Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Time off and Paris!

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts recently but well I've been enjoying my time off from Uni and studying. I'm now preparing for 2nd year and expecting the coming year to be a lot tougher. During my time off I've enjoyed seeing friends who I've not seen for a while and just catching up. I've been to visit a school friend, whom I hadn't seen since before the birth of my three year old and who now has a baby of her own. And I spent a weekend in Paris with some of my photography group friends.

I am lucky because I have amazing friends who not only 100% believe in me and support me but also appreciate that sometimes they might not see me for ages - partly due to the course but also sometimes the family things that I have going on. It never really seems to matter, whenever we meet up it's like we only saw each other the week before. Isn't that the beauty of true friendship though!

Anyway my weekend in Paris....well first I ought to explain our group I guess. Some time ago a member of a forum I belong to, decided to begin a Photo A Day project and invited anyone who wanted to join her to a group on Flickr. The aim was to have a record of their year by taking a photo, of whatever they wanted, every day and uploading it to the group to share. Every year new members join, from all around the world, and the level of ability doesn't matter because it's a record for you not for anyone else. That said, most people find they just get better at taking photos because we learn from each other. There are various photo a day groups on Flickr but none so supportive as ours I think.

Two years ago some of us took a trip to London, stayed up all night to take pictures of our capital at night time. I learnt a lot about my camera that night and quite a lot about London too. I now have a framed photo of London Bridge at night on my wall and I would never have thought I could have taken that good a photo before.

I repeated the experience with some different members the following year and it was following this trip that the idea of Paris was first suggested, by a fellow member of the group, Marie, that we organise a trip to Paris to take photos and get together. Along the way the idea was also suggested that we not only get together in Paris but that we also Rock The Frock...if this is a phrase you are not familiar with then let me explain. Have you ever had a gorgeous dress that you would just love to have some photos of you in? Perhaps a wedding or prom dress that you don't think you'll get the chance to wear again....and now imagine having those photos taken on the steps of the Montmartre! Some of the girls on the trip to Paris well and truly rocked their frocks!

Of course you don't have to go all the way to Paris but it was definitely an amazing experience and one I would love to repeat somewhere else, perhaps Rome, perhaps Glasgow, perhaps Australia...oh how I dream. 

I am fully aware that this post is nothing to do with Midwifery and being a student....but one thing I will say, you need to have time out. Something you can dip in and out of, that doesn't add any extra pressure to your already burdened shoulders...find a nice balance.