Sunday, 17 October 2010

Placement One - Done!

Tomorrow the first assignment is due in - thankfully I've already done mine and submitted it. I've since fretted over whether or not I've missed anything, whether or not I've submitted it correctly and so on. However all I can do now is wait and see so I am trying to put it out of my mind and concentrate on the other assessments I have coming up. I have begun on my next assignment already as it's a bit more challenging. I am grateful that I have until January to complete it.

The other thing I can do tomorrow is my online Drugs calculation test. The practice test has been open for a couple of weeks and I've done fine with it so I must confess to not being too worried. It is compulsory to get 100%  because in the real world when it comes to drugs, there can't be any errors. We get three attempts at the test, we can log in over the next two weeks to make our attempt and we get the result immediately....I think this is my kind of test!

However on Wednesday I have my first exam. I've been studying hard but I feel like each time I leave the library I know less than when I went in. I just keep hoping that some of it sticks. This is fortunately the only exam we'll sit this year and it's on Biology - probably my weakest area. The paper is split into two parts - the first part is 25 multiple choice questions; and the second part is the Midwifery specific question with a diagram to label and 4 long answer questions worth 10 points each. In order to pass we have to get 40% but obviously I'd like to get a better mark than that. This week I have been studying the pelvis - when I am in the car, I'm reciting the names of the bones and picturing the diagram in my head trying to match up the names with the image. I've also been studying fetal circulation before and after birth and the changes that occur. I've been looking at all the hormones and their effects during pregnancy. Tomorrow I am glad that I have no lectures so I can spend the day in the library studying hard although I worry that I don't have time to read up on everything that I want to. It's definitely a learning experience for the future....start earlier - yet I thought I started fairly early already.

I really enjoyed placement but I must confess to looking forward to going back into Uni now. I am looking forward to catching up with my cohort and hearing about their placement. I am particularly looking forward to talking with those who worked in the same area as me and with some of the same people. I am almost certain now that I am the only one in my cohort that hasn't made a "catch" of my own. I am trying hard to concentrate on the fact that it doesn't matter at this stage and next placement I will certainly do it, and plenty of times I am sure. Also I have had no problems in the end with getting my book signed off and I am thrilled with the result and feedback I have been given. However I cannot deny being slightly envious that everyone else has had their first delivery.

So now I am looking forward to Thursday - the exam over, the drugs calculation test hopefully passed. Of course we'll be back into the thick of lectures and seminars but with the next deadline a while away, it feels a little less pressured. Wish me luck for Wednesday - I have no doubt I shall post to let you know how I felt it went.