Tuesday, 18 January 2011

No more assignments!

For this academic year anyway. On Monday I submitted my final assignment for this year, providing I don't fail one anyway and have to re-do it. We only had three assignments to write this year and each one was harder than the last. I'd thought on reading the brief that the Values assignment would be quite enjoyable. However it was easily the assignment that challenged me the most. I work well with facts and being able to reference from research; but talking about my feelings about something was far harder. For those that know me well, this may come as a bit of a surprise. I wear my heart on my sleeve and don't generally have any problems talking about my feelings. However it's quite different when you have to reference your feelings somehow....once I was talking about theory I was far more comfortable. Anyway I am pleased it is finally submitted and shall now be obsessively checking for my results.

I've now got a few days off before returning to the MLU. My fingers are twitching to catch my first delivery. I've been watching One Born Every Minute and thoroughly enjoying it but it only serves to remind me what I want to be doing. I loved this weeks episode - no Caesarean's, just normal birth and not just that but a water birth! I felt quite emotional watching that one....and also quite lucky. In fact I feel lucky most days - midwifery is so competitive to get into, and getting to see new life enter the world - well that's special. I know it's not every one's cup of tea but I find it so amazing and special, and a privilege to be a witness to. It's not just the births though - it's the whole experience of caring for women at such an amazing time in their lives.

My most recent part of placement was spent on a postnatal ward. Unlike the MLU, on this ward can be all the high risk women, post-section women, post post-partum haemorrhage women, women with high blood pressures, diabetics, and the list goes on. Also on this ward are antenatal women, who are in for monitoring, are in early labour or have come in for induction of labour. It's a fast paced ward and a very high need ward. Some shifts I'd feel I was chasing my tail the whole time but I learnt so much.

One day I spent a long time helping a new Mum with breastfeeding amongst other things. She was quite an anxious new Mum so she had a lot of questions. She'd waited a long time for her baby and she was determined to get it right. As we weren't too busy that shift, I was able to spend quite a long time with her, providing one-to-one support and giving her confidence in herself. When she left to go home, she gave me a big hug and said thank you for my help. There aren't many jobs where you'd get that response from a client! I love my job!

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