Saturday, 19 June 2010

Neverending form filling

I very soon discovered that the majority of my preparation for Uni involved a lot of form filling - a 36 page bursary form and then the 24 page Dependents form to accompany it, then the health questionnaire, the student loan application and the registration forms. It took a lot of time to make sure I filled them in correctly as well......having to check what childhood illnesses I'd had was not something I'd expected.

The bursary form was definitely the form that gave me the most headaches....having to find my husbands P60 from 2007-8 was a challenge in itself, and then the obvious discrepancy with the fact that he'd been working then and wasn't now. It took a few weeks to gather all the information together but once it was sent off I could relax for a bit. Even the uniform order form gave me some headaches as the measurement guide didn't match up with my usual size, nor even close to. I tried ringing them for some advice but that didn't prove to be very useful. I ended up ordering a size bigger than my usual and hoped for the best...luckily when it arrived it fit just fine.

Once I got my signed form back from the doctors, which took a ridiculous amount of time, considering he just had to sign it, I posted that off to Occupational Health and organised my health check with them. I'd started my Hep B course of injections when I dropped my form in to be signed so the health check was the final thing I needed to do. The day before my Health check I had my second Hep B injection and also a Men C jab. Sadly that night I was very unwell and ended up having to cancel my appointment the next day. The nurse was not very happy with me and reminded me that I needed health clearance in order to start my course. I re-booked my appointment for two weeks later and it was all fine. Finally a shopping trip with my Mum to get some new clothes, pens, paper and a bag and I was all set.

All that was left to do was wait for my first day....

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